How To Create & Manage Events

Humans gather, its what we do, but that doesn't mean that setting up and co-ordinating an event calendar for your community is easy! We know how time consuming event planning and managing can be, which is why we built our Events Features. This section of the tour will teach you how to find, create, manage, and monitor all your community's events from within your app. Bye-bye printed calendars and sticky notes!

Event Feature Overview

When you click on Events in the main side menu , you land on the Events page which can be viewed in two ways, Calendar view, or List view. Easily switch between using the icons in the top right corner of the main events page.

Using whatever view you prefer, you can see all events both past and upcoming, and also view events that have been submitted by your members to approve.
Lastly, you can also click to add a new event or navigate to event analytics from the main Events page. Let's step you through how to do this.

How To Add An Event

How To Edit An Event

When you click into an Event from any of the Event views, or when you click on the pencil icon in the List or Tile views, you land on the Edit Event page as shown below. This page is essentially the same as the New Event page, with a couple of differences: The Time Slots section are called Upcoming, but it still enables you to add more Time Slots. There is also a section below Upcoming/Time Slots called Past Occurrences (2) that shows the Time Slots that have already occurred.

How To See Event Analytics

When you click on the top Analytics icon (1) in the grey side bar on the Events page you are directed to the Event Analytics page. The first section of Analytics is Overview (2), which includes page views, unique visitors, returning visitors, event registrations and cancelled registrations. Next is Insights (3), which shows the events that have had the most views and the most registrations. Then we have individual event statistics, in list form (4), showing Page Views (5), Registrations (6) and Cancellations (7)


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