How To Create & Manage Facilities

Whether it’s a meeting room, a lecture hall, a swimming pool or a rooftop terrace, communities often need to manage spaces or areas that are available for use by members.  Our App enables facility management to happen without fuss.

Let’s guide you through how to create and manage your facilities within this platform.

How To Add A New Facility

Step #1:  Enter Details

When you click the ‘New Facility’ button, you will be taken to a page that allows you to enter all the relevant details.

  • Enter the facilities name and provide a description.
  • Write where the facility is located. Indicate a price range. 
  • Scroll down and you can add an image and nominate a contact.

Step #2: Utilise Optional Extras

  • If relevant, you can choose to add a PDF, like a map or other information.
  • If you require the facility to be booked, booking links can be added via an external link to a URL or within the App booking form. If you choose to have them sent via the form, your elected email will receive a confirmation when the facility has been booked.
Step #3: Save The Page

How To Monitor Engagement

The graph icon, located on any of the exisiting facilities, is a link that will take you to the Analytics page for that facility. Here you can see how many views your facility page has had, and how many of these views were unique visitors.

How To Edit An Existing Facility

When you click into a Facility from any of the Facility views, or when you click on the pencil icon, you land on the Edit Facility page. This page is essentially the same as the New Facility page and you can edit as desired.


These help articles explain how to use the Pluss Communities App, from getting started, to creating your App and launching, right through to increasing usage and working with your community to adapt to technology.

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