How To Add Features To Your App

Every community is different, and so every community App will need different features and functions, set out in an order that makes sense to you. With our intuitive feature picker, you can quickly choose features that make sense for your community.


Did you know, you can rename features to be called whatever you want?

You have the freedom to call your features whatever makes sense to your community! Wanna be less formal? Then call the "News", feature "Stories". We are all about choice.

Did you know, you can set up different pages in your App to organise the features?

Yep! Talk about genius. If you want linked users to only see the news and events but hide all the in-house goings on, its a simple set up.

Did you know, you can book and pay for services from within the App?

That's right. Our platform includes a payment gateway. No need to chase your members for payment anymore. It can all happen with the click of a button.

Did you know, you can use this app to set up digital sign in for visitors?

In a Co-vid safe world, this is brilliant. No more trying to manage sign ins with paper and pen, you can do it all from a Kiosk Tablet.

The Pluss Communities App does all this and more. Check out the Feature Picker video below, as a way to start growing your knowledge of this feature rich platform.

How To Use The Feature Picker


These help articles explain how to use the Pluss Communities App, from getting started, to creating your App and launching, right through to increasing usage and working with your community to adapt to technology.

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