How To Create & Manage Maintenance Requests

Let's face it, where people gather, things get broken. If you're running a community with a physical location, then this feature might very well become a favourite. With simple and intuitive set up, you can be managing maintenance requests with ease.

Overview Of The Maintenance Feature

From the Maintenance tab in your dashboard, you can view requests and track their completion. You can make a new request for maintenance and also change / edit existing requests, including marking them as complete. It's a complete system for managing all these little jobs.

The Maintenance Page has a lot of features. The numbers below correspond to the numbers in the above image, highlighting what each part of the page does.
  1. Where you locate the Maintenance Page in the Manager Menu.
  2. Number of Complete Requests.
  3. Incomplete tasks.
  4. Click to create a new request.
  5. Description of a request that has been made.
  6. Status of the request. This moves from ‘Incomplete’, to ‘In Progress’ and then to ‘Completed’ as the task progresses

Setting Up Job Types

When your members make a maintenance request, they will nominate the 'Job Type' of the request. For example, plumbing, electrical, building repairs, landscaping etc.

These job types, can be organised depending on the contractors you use. If you have an onsite handyman, then general job types can also be included.

To enable you to make the most of this system, the Community Manager needs to input the 'job types' in set up, so members can select it from a drop down menu. This will trigger an email to be sent to the contractor for them to begin work, and enable you to track progress of the job. Let's talk you though how to do that now.

Step #1
From your Community Manager Dashboard, click on "Settings" in the bottom left corner
Step #2
When in settings, click 'Request Type'
Step #3
Then click "New Request Type"
Step #4
Enter the details including 'Request type title' and email and s description of what work this request type includes.
The 'Request Type' title is what will appear in the drop down menu when members are making requests. The 'email' will be where the request is sent to.
Step #5
Save the 'Request Type'. You will notice that this type now populates in the drop down menu when making a request.

How To Make Maintenance Requests

Now that your 'Request Types' are populated, members will be able to make maintenance requests. Let's look at how this happens from within the App.

Instructions for Members:
  1. When members are in the App on their phone, they click on Maintenance and then “New Request”. Where this section is on the App is dependant on where you choose to display this feature. For more information on choosing and configuring features, click here. 
  2. Once they are in a ‘New Request’ page, a member’s name and phone number will pre-populate from their user profile. Members can edit their phone number if needed.
  3. Members add details of the request including their address, if they need to be home and their availability.
  4. Members can add a photo of the work to be done if relevant.
  5. Members click ‘Done’, which triggers an email to be sent to the nominated job type email, and populates the job in your Community Manager Dashboard for you to manage.

How To Monitor Maintenance Requests

When members add requests, an email is sent to the email supplied in the job type, and the item is added to your Community Dashboard for you to manage. The slides below describe how you can manage and track the progress of these requests.

Step #1
View the maintenance requests by clicking on 'Maintenance' in the Community Manager Dashboard. Here you can see all jobs, both 'Incomplete' and 'Complete'.
Step #2
To manage a request, find the job you want in the list, and click the pen icon on the right side of the item table. This will open the job up.
Step #3
This 'Maintenance Request' page, is dedicated to that job. From here you can communicate to the member who made the request with the comments function here.
Step #4
You can also track the progress of the job, from 'Unassigned', to 'In progress' to 'Completed'.
Step #5
When it's completed, it will move from the 'Incomplete' view to the 'Complete' view.


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