How To Create & Manage News Articles

Publishing news and updates in your App regularly gives your community something new to talk about! Whether it's a shout out about something worth celebrating, an announcement about a new service, or just to share a recipe or activity idea, there is always something newsworthy in every community. This part of the tour shows you how to create and add a news article and monitor engagement.

When you click on "News" in the Community Manager side bar, you land on the News page. Within the News page you can view Analytics, published articles, see a curated list of available articles or look at submissions. This blog will guide you through all of it.

How To Add A News Article

How to Use Available Posts

We have created a library of content for you to use in your app, covering numerous topics relevant to communities.

To access these, click on 'Available Articles" within the News section of your platform (it will be on the left hand side of your screen). From here you can select an article you would like to share with your community, choose the target audience who will be reading it, opt to have it Featured on the home page, and choose the time and date you want to publish it.

How To Edit News Articles

When you click into a News Article from any of the Article views, or when you click on the pencil icon in the List view, you land on the Edit a News Article page. This page is essentially the same as the New Article page and you can edit as you'd like.

How to See News Analytics

When you click on Analytics icon in the grey side bar on the News page, you are directed to the News Analytics page. The first section is the Overview showing Page Views, Unique Visitors, Returning Visitors, and Reactions. Next you can see your news insights showing the most viewed News article. Finally you have your article specific analytics, showing Views and Reactions for each News article.

These analytics are an excellent way to keep your finger on the pulse of what matters in your community


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