How To Create & Manage Services

If you (or your sponsors) offer your members services, then this feature is for you! If you run an apartment building, your services might include ‘dog-walking’ or ‘car cleaning’. If you run a retirement home, it might be more like ‘mobile health checks’ or ‘grocery shopping assistance’. Whatever your service, you can create, update and manage it from within your platform.

Step 1: Locate Services In Your Dashboard

From the services page, you can see all the services offered, including ‘Active’, ‘Available’ and ‘Sponsored services’.

  • An ‘Active Service’ is one that is live and operating.
  • ‘Available Service’ are all services in your system, including those that are currently inactive. 
  • A ‘Sponsored Service’ is one that is connected to a sponsor and so will appear at the top and can be attached to a news post. 
  • You can also ‘Add a new service’; a function that is explained below.

Step 2: Add A New Service

When you click ‘Add a New Service’ you will be taken to a page that allows you to enter all the relevant details. First choose whether the service is sponsored. As mentioned before, ticking this box, will mean the service appears at the top of the services list in the app and can be attached to news posts like a regular sponsor. 

Once you have done this…

  • Give the Service a name, and description.
  • Write where the service address is located, or if you come to them.
  • Indicate a price range.
  • Choose whether you want to allow bookings for this service (this is a good option if you need to manage who has opted in for this service or you have a limited availability).
  • To enable bookings, click “Booking Type” and select either ‘Link’ (to take them to a Sponsors website page, or an external provider like Ticketek) or ‘Email’ (if you manage the service yourself and just want to receive a confirmation email if someone has booked in).
  • Nominate if you want notifications sent to your members about this service.
  • Add the opening hours, or the time this service is available.
  • Scroll down and you can add an image and nominate a contact.
  • Don’t forget to save your service.


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