How To Create & Manage Surveys

Knowing how your members are feeling (and what they like or dislike about your community) gives you crucial insights into improving your community experiences and increasing your member engagement and revenue streams! The 'Survey' feature enables you to conduct surveys and gather feedback instantly, right from within the App. Let's learn how to use the 'Survey' tool.

Navigating The Survey Page

From within the Survey tab, you can view all surveys, including current and past surveys, see analytics, edit a survey by clicking on the pencil icon, or delete it using the delete icon. It's also the space where you create a New Survey. Click the blue 'plus' icon beside "New Survey" at the top of your dashboard to get started.

How To Create A New Survey

As long as you have access to the "create survey" permissions, you can create a new survey for your members from within your community platform. Below is a screenshot of the 'New Survey Page' with the steps to follow.

  1. Give the Survey a catchy title.
  2. Add your questions using the various options.
  3. Select if you want the survey to be anonymous.
  4. Select if respondents see results.
  5. Choose your target audience (this enables the Survey to be viewed only by the user types relevant to the survey.)
  6. Choose a start date and closing date. NB: The Survey will only appear on the App during the survey time you nominate. You can run the survey as long as you’d like.
  7. Save your survey.

How To Edit A Survey

To edit the survey, click on the pen icon next to the relevant survey in the dashboard. This will take you into the ‘Survey Page’, where you can edit and make changes.  

How To Invite Users To A Survey

Once the survey is saved and live, members will see the survey in the survey area of the App. You can also send out alerts or news posts inviting members to engage with the survey.

How To Monitor The Survey

To monitor the engagement level of the survey, click on the analytics icon next to the relevant survey in the dashboard. This is the icon that looks like a graph. This will take you into the ‘Analytics Page’, where you can view the members that have access, who has responded, response rates and a summary of survey answers.


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