How To Add Information Pages To Your App

It can be hard and costly to print and distribute information to your community on a regular basis, but this no longer needs to be the case! In the Menu Page on your App, you can add a whole host of Information Pages that your Members will find relevant. From maps of your facilities, to Terms & Conditions and everything in between, it can all sit there so your Members have ease of access. This blog post talks you through how to populate these pages.

Types Of Information Pages

When you click on Information in the main navigation menu (1) you land in the Information section which is broken down into four areas:


Provide maps of your facilities for visitors to find their way about.

Welcome Pages

Provide welcome information for members to see in their first week of using the App.

Information Pages

Where important information can always be accessed.


Where key contacts are listed such as Community Manager and key staff.

How To Add Information Pages On Your App

Step #1
From your Community Manager Dashboard, click on "Information' in the Menu Tab
Step #2
Click on 'New Info Page'
Step #3
Add the Content. The title can be the name of the PDF (1). Add a description (2). Add the PDF (3). Nominate if you want a notification sent (4). Save the Page (5)


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