How To Onboard A Community

Having incredible technology for people to engage with is one thing, supporting them to change habits and use the tech is another. This blog provides you with a plan on how to onboard your community so they become quick adopters of this amazing resource.

A Plan To Guide You

Below is a five week strategy you can follow to roll out the App in your Community. We have used this strategy in many of the communities that have adopted this technology and it works well.

Tips for Onboarding a Community

Tip #1

Run workshops with your members so they know how to use the key features of the App. Keep them simple and intro one feature at a time.

Tip #2

Every community has members that influence others well. Nominate these members to be your champion and sell them the vision of the App.

Tip #3

Be disciplined to use the App for the day to day running of the community. It will be a learning curve at first, but will pay off in the long run.

Tip #4

The Event Booking Feature will be the main feature to pull people in. No one wants to miss out on fun, so be sure to use this feature as much as you can.

We want you to succeed in having this App operating as an integral part of your thriving community. So if you ever have any questions, or want to discuss a feature you need, please reach out.


These help articles explain how to use the Pluss Communities App, from getting started, to creating your App and launching, right through to increasing usage and working with your community to adapt to technology.

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