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Welcome to the March edition of our monthly newsletter. Connect is the best place to read about our community stories, get tips and tricks to grow your community and find some helpful resources about our products! Stay tuned for all the latest and greatest in community technology!
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Vol. 1

 – March 2021 – 
This Issue

1. Latest Developments

Get TV Mode on Chromecast

New customization update gives you more control and a better experience

2. Tip of the month

ICT in Aged Care: 5 Things You Must Do When Changing or Upgrading Technology

3. Community Spotlight

Botanica Cairns

St Patricks Day with Aveo

4. How To

Using the Feature Picker


Mike Jeffrey, Co-CEO and Founder


I started as the Co-CEO of Pluss Communities just a few months ago, from a background of many years working in community-focused organizations. I first encountered Pluss as an executive, on the client side of experiencing the platform. I knew there was something special about what they were doing. It made the jump a no-brainer.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to sit with the residents of the communities we work with and hear their stories, and their hopes, fears, aspirations, and expectations of community living.

What I love about being face to face with staff and seniors is I am reminded of our core purposes, about why we get up and do what we do every day. People and relationships matter, sense of purpose and well-being matter, having the tools to be empowered, to organize, and make decisions matter. We enable our members to be the social architects of great communities and that really matters. It is inspiring and humbling to lead a team that has this daily task in front of them.

The unifying thread through everything we build is giving communities the tools to be awesome and to make a difference for their members. Our investment in creating a great user experience based on a dynamic and interchangeable feature set means we built the engine to meet the needs of a diverse set of communities.

We picked up the feedback along the way, “can your platform work for a school, what about my sporting team.” The possibilities kept coming, so we responded. We have refreshed our brand, our website, our tools and added more to our feature set. We will never lose sight of our passion for seniors because in these communities, connection, communication, and coordination really, really matter and they inspire us to do and be better.

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#1 Latest Developments

TV with Pluss TV Mode showing on the screen in a living room, gradient bubble on top with google chromecast sitting inside the bubble to show the TV works with google chromecast
Latest Developments

TV Mode now compatible with Chromecast

You can now broadcast your TV views to a Chromecast device (previously only compatible with Apple TV). Chromecasts are a more affordable option, meaning you can communicate more through your TV screens, for less!

If you need help setting up TV Mode on your Chromecast device, get in touch with our support team today.

Latest Developments


New update allows more customisation, better user experience


The newest update (rollout commencing 27 March) will allow more customisation on your community app through the Feature Picker dashboard. 

You can now choose from two different layout templates for how you want your app to be organized: Original Mode and Grid Mode. 

Users can now also opt to allow push notifications and comments on News, Events, Services, and more. This means you can toggle on and off whether your members can comment directly on the post or event, giving you more control over how your community communicates with your app. 

This added customisation is being rolled out on all Pluss Communities platforms over the next two weeks.

#2. Tip of the Month

#3. Community Spotlight

photo of botanica community residents and onboarding staff from Pluss communities sitting down, facing a presentation on the television about onboarding their community. Next to the image is the Botanica logo, which is dark green and say "Botanica"
Community Spotlight

Pluss partners with Botanica Lifestyle Resort

We are very proud to welcome Botanica as our newest community growth partner. Botanica Over 50’s Lifestyle Resort is a unique, one-of-its-kind resort-style facility in Cairns.

To make sure they got the best experience with our software, we flew up our Co-CEO Mike and Onboarding Manager, Rebecca, to do an in-person two-day onboarding workshop with the staff and residents.

Botanica residents and pluss staff standing in a semi circle facing the camera

It was not all just about tech though! Botanica had the vision to create a connected community and support network, streamline their processes, and give their residents a truly amazing experience. So we approached our workshop as an opportunity to define that vision and set definitive goals to help them achieve that dream!

The experience was truly amazing, and Bec and Mike say they can’t wait to go back and see the team at Botanica again!

Check out the Botanica website here for more info on what this great community is doing for its residents.

Community Spotlight

St Patricks Day with Aveo

Our Co-CEO Mike, and Marketing Manager Billie had a great day visiting Aveo Newstead to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

We got to spend time with the residents and get valuable feedback on the Aveo Together app, as well as have a go at Brisbane’s only virtual golf!

See the full LinkedIn post about it here.

Award-winning community engagement apps

#4. How To

How To

How to onboard a new community

If you’ve recently purchased new community software (or are planning to), this helpful onboarding guide gives you the key stages to get you moving in the right direction!

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Award-winning community engagement apps

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