Montefiore Case Study

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Montefiore is one of Australia’s leading aged care organisations providing residential care, home care and independent living to older people in Sydney’s North Shore and Eastern Suburbs. General manager for client experience, Gabbie Budai, was looking for an all-in-one solution that would help with community communication and coordination in their pre-eminent 5-star retirement living community in Randwick. It’s a new community with construction only recently completed.

“From the very beginning we wanted to make sure the residents had a simple and easy way to communicate with each other and with staff. We were looking for a platform that would encourage residents to get involved in activities and events happening in the village and a solution that would facilitate community connection. It was important for us to find a product that matched our brand and values, something that was uniquely M by Montefiore,” said Gabbie.


Gabbie came across Pluss Communities when researching app-based products specialising in aged care, “We knew we wanted the residents to have an app where they could access everything about the retirement living community on their phone or tablet. Pluss Communities were able to give us our own branded app which was important to us. We could pick and choose the features that met the needs of our residents, staff and sales team and we could design an app experience for each different type of user” said Gabbie.


Pluss Communities provided thorough training and were able to get the M by Montefiore team adding content into their own branded app within weeks. The onboarding process was simple, and the Montefiore team were able to onboard residents during the Sydney Covid-19 lockdowns seamlessly. My By Montefiore achieved 80% uptake amongst residents within two weeks.

“The residents are providing lots of positive feedback about the M by Montefiore App and how easy it is to use. I love seeing all of the interaction and comments coming through in the app and seeing this new community thrive.” Gabbie Budai, General Manager Client Experience

It is possible to have all your community management and communications in the one place that is easily accessible and user friendly for older people.

Change management for new systems doesn’t have to be hard, take lots of time and be complicated. With Pluss Communities you can start building and adding content into your app today and be living with your own branded app within a week.&nbsp;</span><br>

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Award-winning community engagement apps

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