How To Onboard A Community

Having incredible technology for people to engage with is one thing, supporting them to change habits and use the tech is another. This blog provides you with a plan on how to onboard your community so they become quick adopters of this amazing resource.

Sponsor Feature

A little humble brag here, but we think this feature is amazing. With the payment gateway and sponsorship elements of this App, this platform provides real ability to commercialise areas of your community, or even to fundraise for the much needed improvements your community has been working toward. When you have a vibrant and engaged community, you quite literally have a marketplace. So let’s learn how to capitalise on that energy.

Facilities Feature

There are a lot of communities out there that share facilities. Whether it’s a meeting room, a lecture hall, a swimming pool or a rooftop terrace, communities often need to manage spaces or areas that are available for use by your members. Our App enables facility management to happen without fuss.

Services Feature

Many communities, especially residential communities, offer services directly to their members. In some spaces, like residential aged care, these can be services related to health or wellbeing, but in other communities, like apartment buildings, it may be dog walking services, or car cleans. If you offer a service, then this App can support you. Within the App, your members can book and pay for your services all with the touch of a button.

Survey Feature

Keeping lines of communication so important in a community. This feature enables you to conduct surveys and gather feedback instantly and easily right from with the App. Let’s learn how to use the ‘Survey’ tool.